Sunday, July 5, 2009

Adventures with the Crims

Home from fast and furious casino trip to MS. This is an update that anyone with OA & RA will understand..or anyone who has ever had a bad back, knees, etc. A couple of days before we left my left knee decided NOT to support me. It was swollen and hurt like crazy. My right knee is almost completely gone, so this was not a good thing. By the second day of the trip, I could not walk without the walker or holding on to Bruce. Add in pain from H... in both knees, pelvic, spine, etc...I was not a happy camper. I felt so sorry for Bruce.

All was not lost. We traveled over 1,200 miles, went to 4 casinos, ate delicous meals, watched sea gulls, and saw the Gulf of Mexico. We did lots of people watching and drove around Mobile, AL. We spent the last night in Harrahs in Tunica and ate at Paula Deen's Buffet--the BEST BUFFET EVER!

Wednesday update.
Nice trip down to Biloxi. Stayed at Canton, MS last night. Lovely new Holiday Inn Express. Along the way today we stopped at a rest stop where there was a tribute to Dizzy Dean. We thought that fun since we are Cardinal fans. Casino took all the money that we gave

Good Sunday Morning,
Trust everyone had a good 4th. We didn't do anything, just sports and the PBS special last night from DC. Perfect day for me.

I have a "Where's the Crims" story for you. Doesn't have much to do with arthritis, just some personal notes.

We have had a last minute change in travel plans. Instead of going to IL we are going to Biloxi, MS. The closer it got to leaving for the "Land of Lincoln" the less Bruce acted like he wanted to go. I had decided not to go, not sure I could do it. OK..yesterday afternoon he mentioned he had a free room at the
Island View Casino, plus a discount for the second night and $50 coupon for the slots.

I laid out all kinds of conditions for going, wouldn't you know, he agreed to everyone. It's about a 12 hour drive, and since he does all the driving we will stop over night somewhere. In fact, coming back I'm hoping to add a day and sight-see some. I am looking forward to being near the water for a bit. It's going be near 100, but he assures me the casinos have A/C.

I'll add a bit about this coming week as it happens.

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