Friday, June 5, 2009

Some Fun Sites Updated 6/6/09

Update 6/6/09
Thanks to RA_Guy for writing about this's so neat. To visit his site, click here.
The owner and his wheelchair are literary the center of attention of the house.

Good morning WORLD! I know, I know it's early morning and most of us wish we were still sleeping. However since I am up for a nature's call, I decided to stay awake. Now then about this blog post; it's a "to be continued" page. Somewhere I can keep track of the neat and/or funny sites I ran across.

June 5, 2009
I belong to a social networking site called Eons. Generally I just browse the groups, not much on joining them. I came across the disability group today and through it a link to a site called Disabled Independence. The pages are the personal accomplishments of a very nice lady who uses a wheelchair. Her photos and videos are an insight of going about your everyday activities.

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