Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The "SHOE" must go on

Has anyone heard the old saying “barefoot and pregnant”? I am glad it’s not used much these days. However, back in my day, it was said often, and I lived it. I was married at 16, and had five babies before I was 25. While I usually had one pair of shoes, I didn’t have pretty ones or nice high heels.

Many years later, after the kids were grown and I was divorced I was able to buy my own shoes. I have always loved nice clothes and shoes so this was a sweet time for me. It was during this time also I begin to have problems with arthritis and probably the RA then too. My feet began to swell and my toes were beginning to turn sideways. (The awful fatigue didn’t help either) I remember keeping a pair of heels in my desk to be worn if someone important was expected...like the BOSS. This had to have been 25 years ago.

From then on finding and wearing shoes was an ordeal, especially on a tight budget. I tried getting name brands fitted but they still hurt. I found a comfortable one at K-mart that worked. I embarrassed my wonderful, new hubby by wearing them for over 2 years. I went barefooted in the house, still do.

Last year when in KC I asked my sister about shoe stores that might carry shoes of the disabled or someone that would custom make me a pair. That is how I found my perfect shoe brand- p.w.minor.
I found a store at home that carries them. The nice young women measured both feet, asked me questions, and helped my pick out MY SHOES. They were so comfortable! I called her in a couple of days and ordered a pair of Mary Jane’s. Now I have pretty shoes again, I feel like a princess.

The following information is from their website. For more information, click here.

p.w. minor footwear can play a significant part in providing comfort and maintaining an active lifestyle. Arthritic feet often need extra cushioning and shock absorption. p.w. minor shoes also provide extra depth, giving swollen arthritic feet additional room. p.w. minor footwear also has wide openings to aide in putting on and taking off shoes. Seamless linings and soft upper materials are also important


  1. Isn't it a nice feeling? Early last year I was boo-hooing over shoes and my husband located a store here that specializes in feet problems but also has attractive shoes. It felt wonderful!!! I am glad you are a princess again!

  2. Hi Cathy
    I love comments. What is the brand of shoes you like? Yes, this is a biggie for me, it doesn't take much to make me excited

  3. Hi I found you via Cathy's blog. I have a new blog just set up which I have to apologise has a similar name to yours! Hadn't realised. I have a website that's great for shoes. I'll nip back and add it to my side bar on the blog.


  4. Thanks for popping by and commenting - my other blog is - www.joanne-helpinghands.blogspot.com

  5. I am such a shoe queen. Recently, I had to give up my 3 inch heels becuase I just got too tired.

    I can handle ballet flats, which look cute and professional when I have to wear my big girl clothes. :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am going to add you to my "Face in a Crowd"!

  6. I have found Dansko and Ecco to both be very comfortable. Right now I am wearing my Ecco sandals 100% because they feel so good.


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