Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Medical Merry-Go-Round

No wonder I am so dizzy, the constant motion of my personal medical merry-go-round is enough to make anyone woozy. I don’t like going to doctor or taking pills but I suppose no one likes that. I wrote a post about my doctor saga earlier, this is chapter two.

I called the Rheumatology office this morning to ask about getting an appointment with another doctor. The appointment desk clerk was a sub, kept putting me on hold to ask questions, but all ended well. I have an appointment with Dr. A. on July 30. I am debating on when to go again to my wonderful pain doctor.

OK, a couple of updates. I bought a cane. I found a pretty, wooden one on eBay on clearance. This company even will size it free, can’t beat that. Yesterday we went to the casino and I was on my feet too much. My back, legs, and head were screaming at me all night. My pelvic has decided not to support the rest of my body. It’s like shunning a bad nasty family member; it doesn’t want to play nice, so doesn’t.

Haven't visited too many blogs for a couple of days, I'll do that tomorrow. Today I am resting from yesterday. I did read Don Shuey's blog, wanted to know where he is today.


  1. Not finding a good RA Doc is my biggest worry in moving to another state. My current doc is just the best.

    I think you need to do what works for you. A poor treatment provider doesn't help with your treatment.

    I can't stay in a casino for more than an hour. The cigarette smoke can trigger a flare or a migraine....or both!


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