Monday, June 1, 2009

Let the Journey Begin...AGAIN

I have had the company of arthritis, RA, and other nasty ailments on my life’s journey for a long time. I did not invite them to tag along; they are hitchhikers. Ever so often, they have the nerve to invite others on the trip, like high blood pressure, psoriasis, and weight gain. Some days my traveling cohorts even think they are in the driver’s seat and want control.

I am still deciding if writing about RA is a good thing for me. I usually try not to dwell on it, as I like to say, “I have RA, it doesn’t have me”. However, lately it does have me and I don’t like that. I recently did some reading of other RA/OA blogs, joined a forum or two, and read mountains of online information. In my reading, I found many people are blogging and/or writing books about the subject. (Of course, there are so many ads that I want to scream.)

A brief medical history:
I was one of the over 40 million who have no insurance so did not go to doctors for over 25 years. I started having arthritis and RA in my 20’s but had no medical intervention. Finally, when I turned 65 and got on Medicare I started going to a doctor. By that time the damage and disfigurement were severe, permanent, and very painful.

OK…this is enough to get a blog started.

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  1. MissDazey, it's so GREAT to see that you are blogging. I personally really enjoy hearing from a wide variety of voices with RA, so I look forward to whatever posts you may share with us in the future!


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