Monday, June 15, 2009

Have Cane, Will Travel

I love to travel! I am shopping for a new cane to make things easier on Bruce and myself. I have a rollerator walker, but for quick stops, a cane would be much faster. When we are on trips, Bruce has to move the entire luggage to get the walker out of the trunk.

Several months I got an adjustable cane from a medical supply store. It’s made of aluminum, its handle is too wide for my hand, and most importantly, it’s ugly. Functional but ugly. I want a pretty one! I have been browsing online for a pretty one. I had no idea there were so many varieties, styles, or materials to consider.

The online stores give very useful information about choosing the proper cane. One has to think about material, length, how you are going to use it, etc. I need a lightweight ladies cane. Bruce measured for height; I am short and so will have it cut to 30 inches.

My favorite store in Fashionable Canes. My current choice is their Derby Butterfly Pattern, made of carbon. (Pictured above) On the other hand, maybe one I saw on eBay. Better yet, I think I will start collecting canes.


  1. I would want a Prada or Chanel cane!

  2. Seeking Solace: Now that's a good idea.
    I want a fancy antique one.. I have expensive taste. ;)

  3. Well, one must properly accessorize! :)

  4. I've come across some pretty cool looking canes in the past couple of months, but I never bookmarked the pages as most of them were for women. Let us know what you end up with!


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