Monday, June 22, 2009

Good Things to Report

I trust everyone survived the weekend, maybe even enjoyed themselves. As I wrote that sentence, I thought I should ask how many are too tired to think this today. I am exhausted, probably just plain old RA fatigue.

Speaking of RA fatigue, I read the most informative blog on the subject this morning. Kelly aka Rheumatoid Arthritis Warrior wrote an excellent article about the subject. Kelly always researches before she writes about any subject. Then she explains things in a down to earth way you can understand.

RA_Guy wrote about Prednisone in his blog today. He discussed gaining weight while on it, plus some very healthy suggestions for snacks. A year ago, when I was first on Prednisone, I gained so much weight and it is worst thing I have had to handle. I know if I don’t take it I’d be hurting worst and probably not walking at all. I take Hydrocortisone now. It doesn’t seem to be as bad and since I take small doses 4 times a day my mood stay level.

OK, now for my weekend report, it was FUN! We went to a nice family dinner at Out Back Steak House on Saturday evening. We had brunch on Sunday morning with our daughter and granddaughter. We ate at the buffet inside Bass Pro Shop here in Springfield, MO. After that, Bruce got me a wheelchair and pushed me around part of the store. I have not quite gotten comfortable with being so much trouble or not going where I want when I want. But I am so thankful he cheerfully does that. Besides when I am sitting, I am eye level with kids.

I used my new cane to walk Sunday. I love it. I found the most helpful company to buy canes called Exquisite Walking Canes. I will write more about them in another post.

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  1. I am so happy to hear that you had a nice weekend, and that you are enjoying your new cane! I get to MO about once a year - my sister lives in Columbia. I always enjoy my visits to that part of the U.S.


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