Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things

My most favorite thing is sitting in my rocker on the front porch. I had wanted one from Cracker Barrel for years. Got one for Valentine's Day.

I have been gradually collecting and using many gadgets and household items to make my life earlier. In this “to be continued” post I’ll share some of them, and a silly story or two. I have tried to figure out my favorite, ended up realizing I like them all.

The one I use the most is PenAgain, which is almost the only pen I use. My right hand is severely disfigured with 3 of my fingers have curled inward. (My left hand fingers are going to the side.) My thumb and Mr. Pointer finger are just crooked. While no one but me can read my handwriting, at least I can write. These handy pens can be bought almost in every store or online.

One favorite is my “Grin & Bear It” soft plush bear. It keeps me calm and happy though bad days. It never minds how tight I squeeze it nor tells me “it’s all in your head.”

Oh, the one I use most is my lift chair. I had said I would never get a lift chair. They are for old people. However, when it came time to replace the old, nasty dirty lounge chair I gave in. By this time, I was having more and more trouble getting up from any chair.

At first, I would let it come up until I was in almost a standing position like the one you see in the ads. One night I left it in the up position during a huge ice storm. Wouldn’t you know the power went out about then? I couldn’t sit back down, really wanted to curl up in it with blankets for the duration of the cold. Our city was hit hard that time, some people out of power for 3 weeks. We have an emergency plan; we went to Tunica, MS and checked into a casino for 4 days. Since then I only bring it up part way and use the armrests to boost myself up.

One of the best things I’ve found for my joints is the Nature’s Inventory oils. I use both the Joint Support and the Painful Joints ones. More about them at click here.


  1. MissDazey, thanks for sharing this information. the pen looks really cool. Up until a month I was reluctant to get some assistive products for use are the house, but now that I have them I am so in love with them.

  2. I can't use the pen. But i have it on my desk. It's still cute. haha. ; )

    The joint oils are nice. There's one I put in the bath water. It really helps. Kelly

  3. hehe...I have a nice soft, plush teddy too. He makes a wonderful "wrist brace" to keep my wrist straight. I sleep on my right side, with my hands up on my pillow, so I just rest my right wrist on the teddy's slightly indented throat, and this prevents it from hyper-extending backward (as it has a tendency to do). My left wrist/hand rests comfortably on the teddy's rounded tummy. I do have a custom made "sleeping brace" for my right wrist but it's hard and uncomfortable. I sleep much better since I decided to cuddle a teddy instead.


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