Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Exquisite Canes

Sometimes you just know when you have found the right thing. I know I found a great place to buy walking canes, Exquisite Canes. I do almost all my shopping online, often on eBay. That's how I found this company and bought a new cane. I got one from clearance and was delighted! I didn't read the full description until after I bought so was surprised this was for two canes. What a deal! Besides that, they sized them for me.

Yesterday I browsed their whole catalog at one sitting. My favorite group category is called "Royal Canes". They make me think of the old canes and walking sticks I see in old movies. In fact one of my favorite all time movies is "1776" where all the gentlemen have walking sticks. They have one with Democrat donkey, some with flask, another that looks like a Louisville Slugger.

I have been researching walking canes for almost two years. I have a couple of other online companies I like, but it seems they are all selling the same items. Of course, until I can afford to collect canes as a hobby, one will do.

Now, I must tell you about the most important cane site I found. THE EAGLE CANE PROJECT. The following information is copied from the Soldier's Angel site. (by the way, another great project)

Inspired in 2004 by a national news story on returning veterans suffering limb loss, Jack Nitz realized that there was something that he could do as a woodcarver and cane maker to demonstrate support for and bring honor to wounded veterans. He conceived of carving symbolic "Presentation" canes - not as an every day use object - but as an artistic representation of support and respect. The Eagle Cane Project was born in 2004 at Eastern Oklahoma Woodcarvers Association meetings and has since spread to a nationwide network of carving associations.

Where possible, canes are made by woodworkers in the veteran's home state and presented in person. When that is not possible, Soldiers' Angels covers the cost of shipping these valuable and beautiful canes to their recipients. Since February 2007, Soldiers' Angels has shipped over 229 presentation canes for the Eagle Cane Project nationwide, as well as several boxes of therapy canes for use in rehabilitation facilities. Visit the Eagle Cane Project website to request a cane or join the project.

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