Friday, June 19, 2009


We have a nice Father’s Day planned. We are meeting our daughter and granddaughter for lunch and a visit. Jonya lives in MN, Ginny in Rolla, MO, so I appreciate them driving this far. I think the girls have some serious flea market shopping to do also. I asked Bruce what else he wanted to do that day, nothing popped into his mind. (He went to the casino Tuesday for his Father’s Day trip) Bruce likes being a Step-dad, and is a true doting Granddad. If one of the grandkids needed or asked for anything in his reach, he would give it to them. Especially HUGS!

My Dad has been gone for many years now, 16 in fact. He would have been 100 years old in August. I have been thinking about him a lot lately. Especially got to remembering how he dealt with illness and arthritis. Being young and self-centered around my own life’s challenges, I didn’t pay attention for my folk’s aches and pains. I seem to remember Daddy had severe arthritis in his hands at a young age. I know as he aged he had back and sciatica pain, as well as many other illnesses.

Daddy only went to a doctor when forced, rarely complained about anything. He went to work every day, even after retirement he worked hard in the garden or around the house. He was the best mechanic ever. He loved helping people, served his church, and had a beautiful bass singing voice. He and my Mother married during the Great Depression so working hard, taking care of family, and respecting others were just a way of life.

I have often thought how much Bruce and my Dad are alike. The word I use most is KIND.

I’m also thinking of another Dad this weekend, my kids Dad. While we were divorced, he is remembered. John loved his family, worked very hard all his life, and collected Mustangs. He passed away 3 years ago this week, but he’s still remembered and loved. He would have been excited to welcome his first great grandson this fall.

This blog post is a tribute and THANK-YOU to the 3 Dads in my life. I think I’ll go hug Bruce and remind him I love him.

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