Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I had someone close to me tell me I should be in an assisted living facility. I was so hurt and couldn’t understand why he was being so insensitive. I have brooded about this all afternoon. Could he be right? Maybe he didn’t know what an assisted living place is. I think he just said that in passing, not thinking about it. Yet it hit me like a ton of bricks.

OK…maybe I can’t do much housework, who wants to do that anyway? I never have. OK, I have trouble walking, drop things all the time, and often eat with my fingers because I can’t hold a fork. There is this weight thing…ugh! My list got longer and longer as I pondered the situation.

No, darling, this old Daisy might have wilted petals, but she is not ready for assisted living. I am ready to make some major changes.

For several years, Hubby and I have talked about selling this big 4-bedroom, two-story house and moving to a smaller house or condo. The whole thing is overwhelming to us, so we have done nothing about it. Except collect ideas for my dream house, one with a universal floor plan. (That is the term for handicapped plans) I have tons of ideas, books, websites, etc.

The biggest thing is to get everything on one floor. I joke about my perfect exercise program. The kitchen, my bedroom, and bathroom are on the top floor while my computer, laundry room, and TV that has Dishnetwork are on the lower floor. I want brownie points for going up and down 10-12 times a day.

I like this topic..Note to self: write about your dream house with all the gadgets to assist you, not even thinking again about assisted living.

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